Friday, February 05, 2016

How to become a master blogger quickly?

Do you want to earn money online by maintaining blogs but feel disadvantaged because you are not technically equipped? No worry. To earn as a writer or a blogger, you certainly need not know any technical knowledge but only possess a passion for writing and of course a hunger for money.

Let me tell you one thing; If you are not in need of money, you attempts to earn online will be half hearted and you will end up earning nothing and would also blame the online money world. You would shout loudly, “SCAM”.

No it is not so.  I have been earning as a blogger since 2005. That’s 11 years of experience speaking the truth.

If you have a flair for writing in good English, you've got an unfair advantage over other bloggers.

However, you might be wondering what are all the ways to earn money from your blog-right? You may also want an initial guide to take you through the basics of blogging. You would be happy if you could lay your hands on a comprehensive tutorial on launching your online freelance blogging career.

I would request you to take a look by clicking on the image below.

Blogging for Writers

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Want to earn $50 to $100 per guest post?

Only yesterday I was talking to my friend Nirmala Santhakumar, the author of about the demand that I noticed for blog posts and articles by feelancers.

Now, just a few minutes ago, I stumbled onto a resource that pay $50 to $100 per guest blog post. Since that pay is very big, obviously, very standard is expected from freelance bloggers.

The topics on which the demand for articles are:
 Market reports
SCAM reports
and many more

Now, I am going to do a little experiment.  Before revealing the source for earning $50 to $100 per blog post,  I want to find out how many people read this blog post.

If you want to know who pays that much per bog post, please comment on this blog post with your name and email; I will email you the source URL. I promise not to store your email. You will never hear from me after you receive my email only once.


Thursday, January 28, 2016

How to use Promoted PINs to bring large number of visitors to your blog.

Pinterest, the not so popular avenue to promote blogs and products among majority of the bloggers and online entrepreneurs, is my favorite browsing site. I spend considerable time in Pinterest, picking up useful info on myriad subjects.

A few minutes ago, I stumbled on to post in Pinterest titled, "How $3 brought 50,000 new visitors to my blog in 3 days". As a blogger, I was impressed and instantly opened the link to the blog post. It said about how to use 'promoted pins" to market your product online. The name of author of the blog is Nadine.

Promoted PIns work like any contextual advertising like Google AdSense or Facebook Ads. In Pinterest, instead of raw textual content, you promote your physical or digital information product using eye catching images.

How to use promoted pins.
Using Promoted PINs

1. Change your personal account into business account in Pinterest. It is free dear.
2. Decide on which blog post to promote that contains attractive and clear images.
3. Decide on your daily budget for each click on your PIN and go through all the necessary filters you need to apply.

That's it. Wait for a few days and check your Google analytics and AdSense too. You will be surprised to see the sudden spurt in the number of visitors and AdSense earnings.

This is just a brief about using Promoted PINs to market your brand in the Internet with very low budget. You must do your research further to enhance your knowledge before spending money on advertising through Pinterest.