Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Informative guide on buying guitar strings.

When I forwarded the excellent guide by musicians friend on the right types of guitar strings for different kinds of guitar, I thought I would be doing a big help to my son but never realized it is much more than a big help. He profusely thanked me for sending him the strings on guitar guide. It’s a great time saver too.

Generally, my son is a self learner. He has three different guitars (all are classic guitars) and he used to do an extensive research in the Internet to buy guitar accessories that include strings, bridges, picks and stands. He bought good, space saving stands for all his guitars.

He even fixes the strings on his guitar on his own without approaching any technical help. With the guide from musicians friend, he confessed to me that thus far, he had been buying the wrong strings and that explained the poor quality of sound.

 His preference for bass strings on guitar, irrespective of the songs he used to play is now transformed, thanks to the informative guide to buy guitar strings by the musicians friend.

Tuesday, November 08, 2016

How to promote your art through blogs?

"Rangan, How do I promote my art work through blog?", a budding artist asked me having come to know that I have been blogging since 2005. I assured him that I will look it up and revert.

As usual, I browsed through a few of my favorite content curation sites and Scoop It obliged me almost immediately.

The title, "49 Amazing Examples of How Creative Artists Use Blogging to Promote Their Art" caught my eyes. I am a big list buff/  I quickly clicked on the title and landed on the content by Leanne Regalla.

Since, I am a novice when it comes to creative art, I knew I could not usefully extract from the content and hence, I scrolled down tp the 98 comments to draw something useful to my friend and which I can understand too.

This one comment below spoke of the usefulness of the content:
By Marsha Stopa

"Hot damn! What more solid, real-life inspiration could you want?
May this post forever banish all the questions about “What would I write?” and “Who would read it?” that artists ask. I can’t wait to get into discovering these artists, most of whom I’m not familiar with. Thanks for the road map!"

I forwarded the link to this blog post to my artist friend. 

Friday, October 21, 2016

37 paid to blog networks for probloggers.

OMG, I did not realize my absence from the problogging scene nearly kept me dark, especially about the new players that hire influence marketers/probloggers.  I must  spend quality time again, browsing aimlessly as always and blog more often.

As I had a lot of time to kill today before the one day cricket match begins, I was going through my curated content for this blog. My attention was drawn to the list of paid blogging opportunities that I collected and I chose the one below for you all.

Out of this 37 sites that offer money to bloggers for their content, only a handful are known to me. I wish you make use of the list by either participating or by sharing. Oh, you can do both and that would make you a useful blogger like me. (smile)

Influencer Marketing Networks
  1. SIXPushMedia
  2. Izea
  3. BlogHer
  4. Global Influence
  5. Social Fabric
  6. SITS Girls
  7. Clever Girls Collective
  8. Mom Central
  9. Collectively
  10. Linqia
  11. Markerly
  12. Shop At Home
  13. The Motherhood
  14. Mami Innovative Media
  15. Be Blogalicious
  16. Pollinate
  17. One-2-One Network
  18. Double Duty Divas
  19. Social Moms
  20. Mom Bloggers Club
  21. Mom Select
  22. Niche Parent Network
  23. Mom Spark Media
  24. Stiletto Media
  25. Ella Media
  26. GigaSavvy
  27. Bookieboo
  28. Sway Group (by invitation only)
  29. Sverve
  30. BlogDash
  31. Social Insiders
  32. Green Moms Meet
  33. Mom It Forward
  34. Tap Influence
  35. Mom Dot Media
  36. Mom Impact
  37. Bookie Boo